Clinical Nutrition Major

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The Clinical Nutrition (formerly Dietetics) major incorporates the same basic core of nutrition classes as the Nutrition Science major, but includes additional courses such as food service management, education, sociology, and communication skills to prepare for work with the public.

Clinical Nutrition students spend the first two years completing preparatory course work in the basic biological sciences, along with several of the social sciences. In the final two years, students take courses in normal and clinical nutrition, food science, biochemistry, and management techniques.

This major can prepare students for graduate study, further career preparation in the health professions (dietetics, medicine, pharmacy, nursing, etc.) as well as food service, food production and distribution, education, research and public health. Graduates of this major, with completion of the DPD program, receive a pre-professional verification statement and are eligible to apply to supervised practice programs (accredited Dietetic Internships) in which students receive practical training in varied aspects of dietetic practice. Upon satisfactory completion of a minimum of a Baccalaureate degree and DPD academic coursework and a post-Baccalaureate program of supervised practice, the student is eligible to take the nationally administered Registration Examination. Passage of this exam results in earning the professional credential of a Registered Dietitian or "R.D."


Undergraduate Advising Office

Undergraduate Staff Advisor
Martha Amesquita
3202A Meyer Hall
(530) 752-2512

Peer Advisors
3202 Meyer Hall
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Martha Amesquita
Undergraduate Staff Advisor
Department of Nutrition
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Faculty Advisors

Clinical Nutrition Faculty Advisor and Dietetics Internships
Francene Steinberg, Ph.D., R.D., 3135B Meyer Hall, (530) 752-0160

Dietetics Internships
Joan Frank, M.S., R.D., 3241 Meyer Hall, (530) 754-9749